Some people do it during a mid-life crisis, some to impress their mates. Some people do it for a date, and others like to do it simply to say that they have. Whatever your reason, we have never heard of anyone regretting it. What are we talking about? We are, of course, talking about bungee-jumping!

E Alinux are organisers of bungee jumping all over the world. We have organisations in every continent and work closely with customers to arrange bungee jumping at virtually any destination of your choosing. We have had some very bizarre requests for locations (one customer requested to bungee jump off a moving rollercoaster!) and we always love to hear creative ideas from our customers – most of which we can accommodate (unfortunately we had to decline the rollercoaster idea for safety reasons…) Check out some of our popular choices for bungee jumping on https://www.paydaypixie.co.uk/.


Europe holds a huge selection of potential bungee jumping venues, and has recently become our best-selling continent. One of the most popular locations for bungee jumping is the Eiffel Tower, but we also have frequent requests for jumping off some of the most popular football grounds in Europe. One lucky (and slightly addicted!) jumper set himself a challenge: to bungee jump off the football ground stadiums of the clubs that had won their respective league during the previous season. He jumped from the stadiums of all the clubs that were due to take part in the next season’s champions league, and when they were playing on the television during the next season, he was able to say “I’ve been there!”

Some of the most popular venues in England include the Blackpool Tower, the London Eye and St Paul’s Cathedral. We have also set up sites for bungee jumping at many local pubs and within many parks – giving individuals the chance to jump in their local neighbourhoods. We regularly do bungee jumping days – setting up the equipment in an organised location before encouraging individuals to jump when they are simply walking around in the local area.

North America

Another immensely popular continent for bungee jumping, North America provides the perfect backdrop for some exhilarating experiences. The Grand Canyon is extremely popular as bungee jumpers have an amazing view when they jump. Mount Rushmore is another amazing site to jump from as people choose from the heads of their favourite American presidents to leap from!

South America

South America is unique in its splendour and beauty and as such, people love to bungee jump in order to make the most of the amazing scenery. Many of our jumpers are from people on their travels – people who feel it is almost obligatory to do something crazy during their ones in a lifetime travelling experience!

Whether it be jumping within the deep Amazon in Peru, or the huge peaks in Argentina – South America is an amazing continent to bungee jump in. Why not make it part of your whole travelling experience, adding photographs of you in the air to your collection?


China’s Shanghai Tower is the most popular place to bungee jump in Asia, as daredevils love to go bonkers in this amazing city! While the streets are full of congestion and people queuing for hours to get from A to B, you can literally rise above the traffic by travelling quickly and excitingly down from one of the world’s tallest skyscrapers. Additionally, the Petronas Towers were once known as the world’s tallest buildings, and they provide another exhilarating experience for bungee jumping in Asia.    


There are so many amazing buildings from which to bungee jump in Australia, it is extremely difficult to know where to start! Maybe you could try the Sydney Opera House? Meet culture with adrenaline with this amazing jump – regarded by some as the best bungee jump in the world. The Eureka Tower is another fantastic venue for jumping. Ironic really, as Eureka is pretty much what everyone shouts when they decide they want to jump! We have even organised bungee jumps for people in the middle of cricket matches. Melbourne Cricket Ground has hosted many Ashes test matches, and what better way of watching cricket than from the sky?!


No two jumps are the same, just like no two continents are ever the same. And one of the most alternative places to bungee jump, is in Africa. You could jump from the Carlton Centre or the Cairo Tower. If you are really feeling adventurous, you might even choose the Kenyatta International Convention Centre, or the Hillbrow Tower. Africa is remarkable in its range of locations for bungee jumping and is another popular activity for travellers to the continent.